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Artificial Sweetener

Aspartame is a low-calorie sweetener or non-nutrient sweetener.

Due to the very high sweetness Therefore use very low doses with little or no calorie value and does not affect tooth decay and blood sugar levels Therefore, it is used in obese and diabetic patients.

Aspartame is very sweet and can be used in very small amounts. It does not affect blood sugar levels and tooth decay, so it is used in obese and diabetic patients. It is also used in food processing, such as chewing gum, pudding, beverages such as fruit juices, soft drinks, tea, coffee, syrup etc.


  • Aspartame is about 180-200 times sweeter than sucrose (sugar).
  • There are 4 calories per gram of energy. But is a sweetener that uses less quantity At room temperature, will give more sweetness at a lower temperature
  • Heat-resistant material Can be easily destroyed at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius, therefore not suitable for foods with high heatUsage: Non-alcoholic beverage, dry food, coffee, ice cream, jelly, desserts and etc.

Acesulfame K

  • 200 times sweetness of sucrose (sugar)
  • No energy / 0 calories
  • Resists heat, dissolves in water. Stabilized at a wide pH range, generally in food
  • Bitter, a metallic odor when used in high doses
  • Low heat resistanceUsage: Non-alcoholic beverages mixed with soft drinks, yoghurt, instant coffee and tea, gelatin candy, pudding, non-dairy creamer and other desserts, etc.


  • Approximately 600 times sweeter than sugar Almost sweet like sugar and without a bitter taste tongue
  • No energy / 0 calories
  • Sucralose is heat resistant. Used in cooking and desserts of all kinds that require high heat and does not lose the sweetness.Usage: Baking and baking products, mixed drinks, chewing gum, tea and coffee, dairy products, desserts, salad dressing, gelatin and pudding, jam and jelly, fruit and juice, syrup, spicy food flavor, etc.


  • The sweetness is around 7000-13,000 times that of sugar.
  • No energy / 0 calories
  • Medium heat resistanceUsage: Preserved fruit, carbonated drinks, pastries and desserts.